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Etiquette for Children

Our etiquette classes are designed to build your child’s life skills and empower them to be at ease in a variety of social environments! Children Etiquette Class is uniquely designed for 1st – 5th grade boys and girls. This course is set to build your child’s self-confidence and interpersonal skills in a highly interactive class setting. We keep our class sizes at 10 to 15 students to offer focused personalized attention for your young adult.

Class Structure

Our classes are 90 minutes of interactive learning, and requires student engagement and practice for each lesson. Children Etiquette Classes are bi-weekly over a course of 8 weeks; wherein students will experience focused activities, games and visual training's that will culminate in each demonstrating learned dining and social etiquette skills in an elegant five-course meal and Grand Ball.  The meal will include a formal dining setting, requires proper attire, and offers a fine dining experience wherein the ambiance will be set for each student to showcase and identify key information from each lesson.

Social Etiquette

  • Proper Introductions

  • Shaking Hands, Bows & Courtesies

  • When to Stand

  • Conversation Skills

  • Poised Posture & First Impressions

  • Bullying

  • Respect & Courtesy

Dining Etiquette

  • How to Seat a Lady

  • Flatware: Handling & Placement

  • Identifying Plates, Bowls  Glasses

  • Proper Use of Utensils & Place Settings

  • Table Manners: Rules

School Children


Parents are encouraged to come join their child in the elegant five-course meal class culmination!

  • Children's Etiquette Classes are $275.00 per student

  • Family Rate (enrollment of 2+ children) $225 per student

  • The cost per parent and/or adult is $45 or $75 per couple for the dinner and Grand Ball

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